What do you want your Story to be?

There is a story behind every successful venture.
Some tell tales of extreme hardships and long struggles.
While others tell tales of exponential and sustained growth.

So what tale do you choose to tell?

Dream of Achieving Great Things

Dream is the first step on the road to success.
So we ask you a simple question - What is your dream?
Once you have the answer to that, we will help you realise your dreams.

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Path of Courage & Bravery

Only the brave achieve greatness and success.
As only the brave have the courage to embrace the unknown.
So Let's be brave together and create an excellent growth story for you to share.

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Achieve Exponential Growth and Success

We live everyday of your success story with you.
We believe in jumping in with you and getting our hand dirty till you have a success story share.The only time we will take a break is after you have an exciting and adventurous tale to share with the world.

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Our Team


Pranshu Sehgal

Director Strategy & IT

Siddharth Chaudhary

Director Content & Operations

Rajiv Bharadwaj

Head - Sales and Business Development

Advisory Board

Bikram Sehgal

Traditional Marketing Expert
Over 30 years Experience in
Advertising & Marketing

About Us

Groventa is a marketing agency that believes in breaking the boundaries of traditional marketing to help clients achieve exponential and sustainable growth. Groventa as a company is group of creative minds, technology savvy individuals, digital geeks and of course Growth Hackers.

At Groventa, we realize that traditional marketing will produce traditional results and that you have to think out of the box to achieve great results. This is why we use a mix of experimental and orthodox technologies, data and psychology to create out of the box strategies to achieve rapid sustainable growth. We challenge the creative and digital boundaries and let data and analytics do the talking to tell us what works and what doesn’t. What we love more though is seeing measurable results – and seeing them fast!